The Flashlight That RUNS ON WATER!

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Features & Benefits

Rugged and durable! NO BATTERIES!* RUNS ON WATER!

Hands-Free Light Whenever You Need It!

No more having to use your phone

With a Hand-Held Light

you need one hand to hold the light!

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Great for chaning tires

The HydraLight™ is more than just a flash light.
By expanding the barrel it becomes a hands-free lantern that supplies light to the entire area. With a hand held light you need one hand to hold the light, but with a HydraLight™ you now have both hands free!

Hydralight™ is perfect for all this & more!


  • "After my sister went through a hurricane and having no power for days, we knew we needed an alternative light source. This is the perfect one."

    -Jamie J.
    "Great concept, no batteries! Convenient and helps eliminate used batteries."

    -Karen G.
    "The light impressed me! I ordered it purely out of skepticism and wound up a believer!"

    -James B.
  • "I live in hurricane country. This light was a must for emergencies."

    -David G.
    "This light is so amazing!! It runs on practically anything, water, soda, even urine! The coolest light I have ever seen! 10/10, 5 stars!"

    -Mike R.
    "I bought it for emergencies and ended up showing it to all my friends and neighbors. Had to order another just for storage!"

    -Ernest B.
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    Disclaimer: *No Batteries: Refers to TRADITIONAL BATTERIES, typically used in flashlights, which make electricity from energy stored EXCLUSIVELY INSIDE the batteries. The HydraLight uses a Fuel Cell which is not considered a TRADITIONAL BATTERY as it requires EXTERNAL elements, such as water, to make electricity.
    **25 year shelf life when not in use. A new unused HydraLight will store for 25 years in a dry non-extreme environment.