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What is a Hydralight™?

The Hydralight™ is a flashlight and lantern that Runs On Water.

How do you activate the Hydralight™?

Remove the bottom cap by twisting ¼ turn. Take out the Hydralight™ fuel-cell from the Hydralight™, and remove the plastic wrap from the Hydralight™ fuel-cell. Dip the Hydralight fuel-cell into ANY kind of water for 10 to 12 seconds. After you dipped the fuel-cell, vigorously shake out excess water, and your Hydralight™ fuel-cell is now activated and ready to use. Re-insert the Hydralight™ fuel cell into the Hydralight™ body with metal end first and you are ready to start using your Hydralight™.

My Hydralight™ doesn’t come on after I place the fuel-cell into water for 10 to 12 seconds.

Please recheck how you placed the fuel-cell inside the Hydralight™. You must place the arrows pointing “upward” inside the Hydralight™ to connect to the LED light power source.

General Operation Instructions

The 2-in-1 Hydralight™ has two operating modes, flashlight and lantern. To access the Flashlight mode, Push button to turn on/off. To access the Lantern mode, slide the top up to make it a “lamp” and push button to turn on/off. To conserve Hydralight™ fuel-cell energy and prolong its lifetime, keep light off when not in use. When finished using the Hydralight fuel-cell, store in a safe place away from children. When you are ready to use it again, re-dip the fuel-cell for 10 to 12 seconds and you are ready for another continuous 100 hours of usage for a total of up to 300 hours per fuel cell before it needs to be replaced.

What are the usages for Hydralight™?

Any and all emergencies, storage and so much more.

How long does the Hydra fuel-cell last?

The Hydra fuel-cell will provide up to 300 hours of light. Simply re-dip in ANY water for more light. With a 25 Year shelf life when (Unopened for LONG TERM STORAGE). It becomes activated when you dip the fuel-cell in Any kind of water.

Can I use my EZ Organizer™ in the shower (can it get wet?)

Yes, the EZ Organizer™ is water safe!

How many times can I dip the Hydra fuel-cell?

The Hydralight™ can run for days on one water dip. Simply re-dip in ANY water for more light up to 300 hours of use before the Hydra-fuel cell needs to be replaced.

How many hours of light does one Hydra fuel-cell provide?

A Hydralight™ fuel-cell will provide up to 300 continuous hours of light. Just dip the cell in water for 10 to 12 seconds and it will power up to 100 hours on a single water dip. It’s that simple. Re-dip again when you need more light.

How bright is the light?

The light is comparable to a common battery powered LED lights available now. Hydralight™ is not intended to be a tactical flashlight. It’s a great standard flashlight to be used in an emergency at the your home, cabin, in your cars, trucks, RV’s and while hiking, camping, boating and so much more. It can be stored “unused” for 25+ Years and when in “use” can run up to 300 hours of light on a single fuel cell.

What are the lumens?

Due to the nature of this flashlight being powered by water, several factors affect the testing of lumens to get an exact number. That being said, it is in the 80-100 lumen range making it a great standard flashlight to light the area you need?

Do environmental factors affect the performance?

Yes, they can. For instance, in very dry climates the fuel-cell will dry out quicker due to the dryness in the air. Opposite for wetter climates. Simply re-dip in ANY WATER for more light.

Why does my light have white/rusty colored stuff coming out of the handle?

This is from the natural salt that is used inside the cell to power the Hydralight™. To avoid this, make sure to shake the Hydra fuel-cell vigorously before installing it. You may even consider using a towel to wipe the cell off before install.

Is the white/rusty colored stuff around my fuel cell dangerous at all?

Not at all. It is just the salt that is used in the fuel-cell to create power.

Is it the Hydra-cell safe?

Yes, the fuel-cells contain a common alloy and other eco-friendly elements and is completely 100% safe.

How long can I store the Hydra fuel-cells before they break down?

Indefinitely! We rate the fuel cells for 25 Year Shelf Life (unopened). No electric charge is produced until the fuel-cell is dipped in water. The Hydralight™ is truly a great option for storing and forgetting about it until you need it. It’s the LONGEST LASTING FLASHLIGHT you can buy.

Are there storage requirements?

No, although a cool, dry place is ideal.

Are there requirements on the type of water I use to power the light?

No, but testing has shown that warm water will provide brighter light and last longer.

Will the light work with “human urine” in an emergency when tap, lake, stream or ocean water is not available?

Yes. Just make sure to get the entire fuel-cell “wet” to activate the salt inside the fuel-cell to power the alloy rod. It’s that easy?

Can I purchase extra fuel-cells as extra backup when needed?

Yes, You can purchase the extra-long term fuel-cells that last up to 300 hours by going to: www.Hydralightfuelcell.com or when you go to www.Hydralight.com at the time of purchasing a Hydralight Flashlight there will be an upsell page in the shopping cart that will allow you to order additional fuel cells.

Is there any harmful chemical residue?

No, the residue from the Hydra fuel-cell is entirely biodegradable.

Will Any type of Liquid work other than water to power the Hydralight?

Most any kind of water will work, but it may not power the light as intended. Water like: (Sink, Lake, River, Stream, and Ocean work the best to activate the salt crystals found within the fuel-cell “best” which activates the alloy rod to produce light for up to 300 hundred hours of usage.

Are there WARNINGS with the Hydralight™?

Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of small children and do not expose the Hydralight to direct flame.

What are the Volts on the Hydralight™?

A: When the water powers up the Hydralight™ cell it comes in a 1.7 Volts just like a standard flashlight battery. As the water drys up the light becomes dimmer. Re-dip and it will light back up. Each Fuel-cell will last up to 300 hours of continuous light.

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**25 year shelf life when not in use. A new unused HydraLight™ will store for 25 years in a dry non-extreme environment.

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